Camp V

We believe art can save the world and we plan to begin here with outdoor recreation as our backdrop.

There is no better place to launch than rural America … 60 million Americans live in rural areas and as their factories and mines close, it is time we build new economies rooted in community building, art and connection. We have an opportunity to create an experience, transform this rural community and others and redefine the traditional camp experience through unique design, experimental architecture, story telling and outdoor recreation.

One of the benefits to this rural area is they don’t limit what you can do from a design perspective and this as an opportunity to create a completely unique project rooted in free expression and authenticity.
We are building a unique boutique camp consisting of 14 historic cabins built by the Vanadium corporation, fully furnished tents, van life spaces, a refurbished vintage bus, airstreams, a water tank transformed into a neon art installation and connection spaces like hammock town and fun island. 

Imagine a place to camp where every component will have a story and where people can come together to discuss their epic adventure in the desert or how we save these rural communities and redefine them by staying at places like Camp V and providing jobs and opportunities for this community to continue to build a new story based in art, culture and outdoor recreation.