Camp V

MISSION STATEMENT: Camp V is a boutique camp that incorporates history, art, architecture, design, outdoor recreation and unique outdoor spaces to bring together community and inspire solutions.

The following site maps show the possibly of ideas and ways to develop the parcels into phases. Each phase will have a component of an art installation with will showcase local artists in the region and blend into the surrounding area while telling a story. 

In addition to the land, the town has it's own water system and senior water rights that serve the cabins. There are onsite septic systems for waste water, as well as electrical and natural gas service.

Entire Map.png

Phases + POtential

The 112 Acre site plan is broken up in phases in order to allow for organic growth and potential to build momentum as each phase is completed. 

Phase 1 is approx 12 aces and includes a pond with San Miguel river frontage. It also has Highway 141 access and visibility with traffic coming and going from Moab, Utah and Telluride, Colorado. The location on the river is the perfect setting for a camp like feel and provides the most visible aspect of Camp V. This parcel will house a revamped bus from the property, a repurposed water tank and tents for the camp. 

Phase 2 is approx 50 acres and includes the existing 14 cabins that are currently occupied long-term. The mature trees line the "street" of the cabin and give it a Main Street type feel. Below the cabins is a nice ravine with a stream and has potential to be additional camping or mountain biking trails.

Phase 3 is approx 40 acres and has a 3000 square foot home built in the 70's. It also has the existing water tanks that provides water to the property. This parcel is higher in elevation and has incredible views of the canyon looking both directions. This could eventually be a prime spot for agriculture and or farm to table dinners.


With highway frontage, this parcel on the San Miguel is the most visible to traffic coming and going in between Moab, Utah and Telluride, Colorado. This area should incorporate the pond as a focal feature, fire pits, chill out areas, glamping and art installations showcasing local artists. Due to the set back guidelines along the river, all facilities need to be portable. This will also allow for the potential to move buildings around as the project evolves. 

Phase I also includes upgrading the water system to be a public water system and developing additional camping with Air Streams and containers.


Phase 1.png

Phase 2.png


Phase II is by far the biggest undertaking as it includes the existing 14 cabins that were built by the Vanadium corporation in the 1940's to house the engineers for the Uranium Mine. It was often referred to as "Snob Hill" and as a rich history in the community. 

The cabins can be developed to create a unique town with a Main Street feel - blending in art cabins with commercial spaces for spa, outdoor rec and a retail store that will sell items used to furnish to the project sourced by local designers.