Exploring Utopia

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Exploring Utopia

We could not help but dive into the history of utopias when we discovered our neighbor was founded as a utopian society

What exactly is a utopia? When you first hear the word, some imagine a perfect place, free of conflict and sadness.

The word utopia was first coined in 1516 by Sir Thomas More from the Greek word ‘ou-topos’ meaning no place or nowhere. But, this was a pun as the almost identical word ‘eu-topos' means a good place.

At the heart of this definition, we wonder, is it possible for a utopian society to exist?

Merriam Dictionary would argue it cannot - defining it as an imaginary and indefinitely remote place with an impractical scheme for social improvement.

Just down the road from CampV, utopia was on the minds of a group of companions from Denver, Colorado. In 1893, in the midst of a financial panic, this gang relocated and settled in this remote area of SW Colorado to build a cooperative society aptly named, The Colorado Cooperative Company.

The legacy and biggest accomplishment of the CCC was [and still is] a 17 mile irrigation ditch to supply water for crops called the Colorado Ditch Company. It took nearly a decade of hard labor to complete the ditch and once finished, the new community would name itself Nucla, after the word Nucleus, in hopes it would be the nucleus of the promising new community.

Nucla was established on the principles that every citizen contribute an equal share of arduous labor. This philosophy attracted a large number of artists and musicians to the community. The first signs of the utopia coming to life!

Uranium mining operations - located 17 miles down the road in Uravan - became the major driver in their growing economy and subsequently many believed the word Nucla was associated with the mining of radioactive metals.

When we embarked on creating CampV, the thought of forming a utopian space was on our mind, but as we dive into the meaning and history of utopias, we realize that the word community is actually the word that aligns with our desires.

We are building a community for outdoor enthusiasts and artists that will bring everyone together in our vast and remote spaces. Sounds pretty dreamy to us!

We look forward to realizing this community and offering you an outlet as we navigate our new normal.

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