Trail Blazers

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Trail Blazers

During times like this, it seems strange to continue with what messaging we had planned, so we decided to focus on the history of those that blazed the paths before us and what they might have endured to pioneer these rugged and untamed routes.

Before the miners arrived, explorers and Native Americans traveled and cultivated the area around CampV. One story that has captivated our attention is the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition. The significance of this journey is posted on a sign near the entrance of CampV, so we could not help but dive deeper

Here are some quick facts about the Dominguez: 
- Escalante Expedition: In 1776, the two priests began in Santa Fe, NM with the goal of finding a northern route to the newly established missions in Monterey, CA.
- While traveling through Utah, winter set in and the group made the decision to head back to Santa Fe. The treacherous path back through the maze of the Colorado River was challenging, but the group eventually made it back with the aid of the Native Americans who offered much needed supplies.
- They were the first European men to travel much of the Colorado Plateau, sections of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico… Lucky for us, they kept a detailed journal of their routes, including the villages and people that they encountered.
- Although they failed to make it to their final destination, their diary and maps described vast areas of the American West and helped for future exploration. Some of their journey formed the Old Spanish Trail.


This particular diary entry peaked our interest:
AUGUST 21, 1776 "….We entered another canyon, (Paradox Canyon), as bad for traveling as the foregoing was, and after going through it to one league to the north, we reached El Rio De San Pedro (St Peter’s River - Today it is called Saint Michael or the San Miguel River) and halted in a small meadow it was here, naming it El Paraje de San Luis." This campsite was located northwest of Naturita in a meadow on the west side of the San Miguel near the intersection of Dry Creek and San Miguel) ... AKA The entrance to CampV! We imagine this campsite was close to the current road; near our entrance along the San Miguel. We would like to believe these brave explorers must have shared the same vision as a great spot to rest after a big day of discovery! 😉

^ The Dominguez-Escalante Journal - Their Expedition through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico in 1776. Edited by Ted J Warner and Translated by Fray Angelico Chavez

May your curiosity continue to fill your time as you dive deeper into stories of discovery.

Set aside time to journal your own exploration through this unprecedented time. We are thinking of you and look forward to the love, connection, creativity and discoveries that will come out of the other side of this time #alone #together.

We will continue to rebuild this historical space of connection and always welcome your ideas, notes or virtual high fives.

Sending all of our V Love ❤️
V Team ~ Natalie, Jodie + Bruce

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