CampV is more than just a place to stay, it’s a space to inspire… both the creators and the guests. The concept of CampV was born from a desire to spark creativity, transform a community and utilize our talents to create an authentic experience and concept that can be brought to other rural communities.

People are searching for spaces that offer more than just a place to sleep for the night. Travel has never been so accessible and yet very few places offer an experience that leaves us transformed. We are preserving the history and creating a new story rooted in unique design, community, service, art, outdoor recreation and partnership to offer an experience that will enrich the lives of the surrounding community and the people that come together to create and maintain CampV.

The 120 plus acres with 14 cabins, known as Vancorum was built by the Vanadium corporation in 1942 to house the engineers who worked at the nearby Uranium Mill. It was affectionately called Snob Hill as it was home to many of the bosses of the former mining company that ultimately closed down in the 1970’s.
After the mill closed, the property was bought by Pat Smith and maintained as a year round rental community until September of 2017 when the property was acquired by StudioVille Crew. To honor the past, but also create a new future, we renamed it VANcoreOM or CampV for short.

StudioVille Crew (or S Crew) formed where many great stories begin; in a historic miners cabin with views of Ajax Peak in Telluride, Colorado.

This remodeled historic cabin was reimagined by One Architects founders Bruce and Jodie Wright before the ‘tiny home’ was an Instagram phenomenon. This project was referred to as StudioVille. A business meeting in 2005 with Natalie Binder and the Wright’s solidified a working relationship and a friendship that has included many late night creative sessions and the occasional impromptu dance party.

StudioVille Crew combines the unique talents of design, development, art and hospitality in spaces with a story to tell. The incredible history of CampV includes Ute Indians and the miners (and include Natalie’s family!) and has served as the home to many residents of the area for over 80 years. We take huge responsibility in retelling these rich stories and allowing them to unfold through design and interactive art installations.