The original name of the township is Vancorum and as we write the next chapter, VAN CORE OM will honor the past and define the future.

VAN represents the use of experimental architecture and design to create blueprints as the first building block of transformation We will transform these structures into inspiring spaces as people desire a place that is more intimate and authentic.

VAN also represents a culture often called Van Life - we will build space for these nomads to connect, rest and recharge.



The fourteen cabins form a New England style Main Street with mature trees and privacy. The concept is to reinvent a new main street and redesign the cabins to be a mix of rooms and commercial spaces that fit in with the theme of Camp V.



Due to the warm climate and location in the center of some of the best mountain biking, the project will incorporate a camp for those searching for something different. As places like Moab and Fruita become crowded, we believe people are looking for another spot to sleep under the stars in peace. 



There is an opportunity to foster experimental architecture and use of recycled materials + metals to weave the design into the current surroundings. We will work with architects who wish to extend their creativity into a project without limitations or rules.