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Camp V 

Camp V is more than just a place to stay, it’s a space to inspire… both the creators and the guests. The concept of Camp V was born from a desire to spark creativity, transform a community and utilize our talents to create an authentic experience and concept that can be brought to other rural communities.

We believe people are searching for spaces that offer more than just a place to stay. Travel has never been so accessible to so many people and yet very few places offer an experience that leaves us transformed. We believe that by preserving the history, we can create a new future rooted in creative architecture, giving back, community, organic farming, art, nature, service and creative thinking to offer an experience that will change the lives of the surrounding community and the creative minds that come together to bring the project to fruition.

 The 100 plus acres with 14 cabins, known as Vancorum was built by the Vanadium corporation to house the engineers who worked in nearby Uravan at the uranium mine. The property was bought by Pat Smith in the 70’s and she maintained a year around rental community until September of 2017 when the property was acquired.  To honor the past, but also create a new future, the township will be renamed VANcoreOM at Camp V and each component of the name helps to explain the concept. 

Until the 80's, the surrounding towns of Nucla and Naturita had robust economy with a rich history of mining, but recent economic conditions have not been favorable. With the future closure of the coal power plant, now is the time to create a new chapter for the area, also known as The West End. It's time to bring together like minded members of the community to create a place that is sustainable, alive and evolving.   

The region, trying to diversify its tax base, is starting to focus on tourism and agriculture. Given the proximity, (approximately one hour by car) to Telluride and Moab, there is opportunity to draw tourists, and create an artist community that can attract traffic in between the two destinations. 

In addition, there are significant investment opportunities available as the property is located in the new tax designation as an Opportunity Zone.

We believe it's time to tell a different story - while still respecting the rich history of the area and bring together like minded people.

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